Let’s Talk About: Digital Threats to Democracy

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Introducing our new monthly discussion series on how Big Tech can endanger our democracy. This month's topic: Privacy and the Criminalization of Abortion.

Disinformation. Conspiracy theories. Extremism. Surveillance. Our democracy is threatened as never before by toxic online content. The social media giants seem unable, or in some cases unwilling, to control the flood of lies and manipulative practices. The staggering — often hidden — reach of Big Tech into our lives endangers civil society, our civil rights, and our privacy. In a "post-truth" world we risk losing the shared understanding that underpins our democracy. 

We’ll explore the many facets of this crisis in a monthly discussion series. Before each session, participants will read one or two timely articles, then meet with experts on the topic over Zoom. Don't forget to register below. 


Topic for the Month: Privacy and the Criminalization of Abortion


Now that at least 14 states have banned most abortions, people seeking or providing reproductive health are becoming targets of prosecutors and police. They’re using our social media accounts to do it. It is more urgent than ever that we defend our privacy against the gathering and use of personal information by corporations and the government. 

Our expert presenters are Kade Crockford of ACLU Massachusetts and Hayley Tsukayama of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 

Suggested reading:
Impending Threat of Abortion Criminalization Brings New Urgency to the Fight for Digital Privacy  |  Click here to read.

Reproductive Privacy Requires Data Privacy  |  Click here to read.

Oct 19th, 2022 from  5:00 PM to  6:00 PM
Hosted on Zoom
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